-Mac N Cheese (our chefs have multiple versions to fit your specific needs)
-Smoked gouda polenta
-Jalapeno-Bacon Potato salad
-Yukon gold spinach Gratin
-Brown butter and balsamic sauce asparagus
-Vinaigrette Slaw
-Honey Balsamic glazed carrots
-Sweet Potato Gratin
-Texas Ratatouille
-Maple Roasted veggies with candied pecans
-Green beans with bacon vinaigrette
-Baked cheesy grits
-Southard fried cabbage with bacon
-Mashed potatoes
-Kickin green beans
-Soup Bowls 7” with choice of Southwest beer cheese soup with local Saint Arnold’s pale Ale or New England clam chowder


-Heirloom tomato and cucumber salad in a crunch wonton bowl with an avocado vinaigrette
-Indian salad with roasted chickpeas and a mango vinaigrette
-Elote corn salad with Quinoa
-Fall Harvest BOWL with butternut squash, kale, red apple, black beans, dried cranberries, toasted pecans, and a balsamic-dijon dressing
-Green salad with shaved parmesan, roasted almonds, green olives, and red onions with a red wine and guava vinaigrette

Sides, Veggies, & Salads